Peachy Keen, Summer Queen

Like most women, getting my nails done makes me feel cute and confident! Its a great way to relax, and treat myself every two weeks. Self care is key to confidence! Looking down and seeing my nails sparkle, instantly puts a smile on my face. Life is more fun with a little color!

During the summer, I like to get a bright pop of color on my nails! This time I went straight for a bright, peachy coral color, and y’all… I’m OBSESSED!!

I usually get my toes a color that matches my nails, but this time I decided to do a hot pink color to compliment them instead!

I got Nexgen nails color “Florida” or “S1” from the dip color brand Nexgen. This time I got them pretty long but I love the way they look “coffin” shaped!

I have gotten tons of compliments on them because this is the most perfect color to rock this summer! I love a good summer peach, and I love looking down and seeing this color on my nails all the time!

To get more info on where I get my nails done, CLICK HERE!

(PS. this is where you will find my favorite secret nail salon discount, that everyone should know about)


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Wine and Waterford

Hey guys!

As I write more and more blog posts, I feel like I should share some personal info about myself. So here it is…

I LOVE Wine!

White and Rose wines are my drink of choice. I drink a glass (or three) of wine every time I write a blog post! Yes, I might be a little tipsy while writing this… but hey, its research!

There is so much to know and learn about wine, that I just don’t have time for, so I’m gonna break it down simple for yah (or for myself, not really sure).

I have always had a sweet tooth, so naturally I’m more drawn to sweeter, less bitter wines. I became a wine drinker when I turned 21, and I figured sweet wine was a good, safe place for me to to start.

Here’s some pretty pictures of the gorgeous rose I’m Drinking!

Rose All Day

I tend to be drawn towards Rose because it’s just so pink and pretty. Don’t make fun of me, I can’t help that I love pink, ok. The only problem is, they aren’t always as sweet as I like.

This JNSQ rose wine was just as amazing as it’s bottle (and marketing team). It is a more dry rose than I normally like, but I was honestly surprised at how much I liked it.

I would tell you more about what I thought, but at then end of the day, I would 100% pay $25 to drink it again.

It took me longer to drink since I wasn’t used to more dry wine, but if I’m going to drink this whole thing, I should at least try to pace myself.

They sell JNSQ Rose everywhere!

Look, I am all about convenience. They sell this wine at TONS of stores; Target, Market Street, Total Wine, and that’s just in a 5 min drive from my house!

This Wine Glass is just at gorgeous!!

Ok ok, I might be a little boujee. Waterford Crystal has the MOST wonderful hand cut crystal in tons of cut patterns! I love it. It is pricey, I am well aware… but it is also a timeless classic that will last forever!

I may just be 21, but I swear… one of these days, all the housewives will be jealous of the Waterford collection that I started when I was young.

It’s not my fault I swear! This crazy love for some nice wine glasses (and such) that are super expensive, is all because of my boyfriend.

When we first started dating, I though he was CRAZY for spending that kind of money on some glasses. Now, I still know, and realize, that it’s COMPLETELY crazy; The only difference in the now, is that I feel like a boss bitch when I drink out of these things!

Judge all you want, but Waterford Crystal is the shit.

In case you were wondering, this glass pattern is Eastbridge (Yeah you know you’re going to click on it, just to see how much I pay for these dumb things).


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My top 10 favorite friends episodes of all time

Friends is the show that I can watch over and over again

Friends is one of the best sitcoms of all time. I started watching this show when I was way to young; Before Netflix days, I watched Friends on my parents DVD box sets. (90’s baby things)

This is the show I can watch a million times over, and never be tired of. Each of the characters is relatable in their own quirky ways!

Now, what you’re really here for, in no particular order, my top 10 favorite Friends episodes of all time!


If you haven’t seen all of Friends… we can’t be friends. Joking. This blog post just isn’t for you, sorry! Luckily I have plenty of others to choose from, simply click HERE!

#10: The One With The Embryos

Season 4 Episode 12

Phoebe get her brother and sister in-law’s embryos implanted, and while this is a huge plot detail, there are tons of memorable friends moments in this whole episode.

Monica and Rachel take on Chandler and Joey in a trivia game challenge, to see who knows each other best. As the bets escalate, the girls end up losing their apartment to the boys, who now get to keep the rooster and the duck…in their NEW APARTMENT!

#9: The One With All The Wedding Dresses

Season 4 Episode 20

Ross is about to marry Emily and Monica goes to pick up her wedding dress. Monica and Phoebe go to the wedding dress shop and Monica tries the dress on. After looking at herself in the mirror until the store closed, Monica was having too much fun pretending to be a bride.

With Ross getting married, Rachel starts to get a little crazy with her new boyfriend Joshua. She throws out the idea of getting eloped and Joshua is totally freaked out.

Phoebe is Jealous of how much fun Monica was having wearing Emily’s wedding dress, and shows up wearing one of her own. The girls play pretend until they start to feel slightly pathetic.

Rachel tries her best to explain to Joshua that shes not crazy or obsessed with weddings, but starts to feel sad about losing her new boyfriend, while her ex-boyfriend is getting married. Monica and Phoebe try to cheer her up by having her put on her old wedding dress. The three of them drink beer and watch TV… in their wedding dresses!

Rachel is in a much better mood after some time with her girlfriends. They hear a knock on the door and Rachel opens it in her wedding dress, only to see Joshua looking terrified.

#8: The One With The Flashbacks

Season 3 Episode 6

The group is sitting at the coffee house (per usual) when Janice asks the group who has ALMOST slept who who? Then you go through all the times they ALMOST.

Wow it’s like a dirty math problem.

Phoebe Buffay

Joey moves in across the hall and Monica has the hots for her new neighbor. When she invites him in for lemonade, things get a little weird.

Ross finds out that Carol is a lesbian and he goes to the bar to find his friends for some comfort, when he finds Phoebe. While Ross is crying on her shoulder, they kiss. After making out on the pool table, and a few inappropriate jokes later, things get weird.

Rachel is about to marry Barry and shes in the mood for one last hot fling before she gets hitched. On the drive home from the city, she does some serious daydreaming about chandler… and things get weird.

#7: The One Where Ross Is Fine

Season 10 Episode 2

Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel KISSING. Weird, but that’s a whole other story. The two then admit to Ross that they had also kissed in Barbados after they saw him kissing Joye’s ex-girlfriend, Charlie. This gif is the only reaction they get from him.

He then gets a weird idea that the four of them should all have dinner, an Ross will cook for everyone!

When Rachel, Joey, and Charlie get to Ross’ apartment and its instantly awkward… but no fear, Ross is fine. As he gets more and more drunk, things only get more awkward.

#6: The One Where The Monkey Gets Away

Season 1 Episode 19

Rachel agrees to watch Ross’ pet monkey, Marcel. While watching the soaps, Rachel gets distracted and Marcel gets loose. The group scrambles to find him before Ross gets home, and Rachel calls in animal control for backup. Since Marcel is an illegal monkey, it becomes a race to see who can find him first.

You had to be a bitch in high school. You couldn’t been fat.

Ross Geller

The woman from animal control went to high school with Rachel and Monica, and has been holding a grudge over them ever since. Phoebe takes one for the team and gets shot in the ass with a tranquilizer dart so Marcel could escape.

Rachel comes clean and apologizes for being bitchy in high school; When that doesn’t work she fights back sly and dirty to win Marcel back.

#5: The One Where Ross Finds Out

Season 2 Episode 7

The famous first kiss. This is what started it all with Ross and Rachel. I mean how can anyone not love this episode?

Ross is dating a girl he knew in college, Julie (lets recap first). In the last few episodes, Rachel admits to the group about her secret feelings for Ross, and goes to meet him at the airport. When he gets off the plane, he is with his new girlfriend Julie.

Rachel gets jealous ever time she sees them together, and goes on a blind date to get over it. Things aren’t going so well and Rachel ends up drunk on her dinner date. She calls Ross and leaves him a message telling him that shes over him and has closure.

The next day, Ross listens to the voicemail from Rachel, that she doesn’t remember leaving. She tries her best to keep him from hearing it, but despite her efforts, Ross now knows how she feels.

Ross leaves to go get a pet cat with Julie… but obviously changes his mind and comes back for Rachel. Here’s that famous Ross and Rachel moment we were all waiting for.

#4: The One With Ross’ Tan

Season 10 Episode 3

Monica went to get a spray tan, and Ross likes her golden glow and decides to get one for himself.

When Ross is in the spray tan machine, he forgets to turn around, and gets sprayed only on his front. It only gets worse from there. Honestly the gif says it all.

Other than this horrible spray tan, things with Rachel and Joey are getting complicated. This is definitely the weirdest combo of relationships on the show, and honestly its just wrong. Oh well, its hilarious that as hard as they try, things are just off with them.

#3: The One With The Boobies

Season 1 Episode 13

Chandler walks in on Rachel getting out of the shower and sees her “boobies.” Everyone in the group agrees that the only fair punishment is for Chandler is for Rachel to get even.

Joey finds out that his dad is having an affair. When Mr. Tribbiani and his mistress stay the weekend at the boys apartment, things get messy.

Chandler Bing, it’s time to see your thing.

Rachel Green

When Rachel tries to even the score, she pulls back the shower curtain only to see JOEY naked.

Joey tries to get Rachel back and catch her in the shower, but he finds MONICA naked.

Monica wants revenge and tries to catch Joey in the shower, but finds JOEY’S DAD in the shower… and it gets awkward.

#2: The One Where Old Yeller Dies

Season 2 Episode 20

Monica made everyone watch Old Yeller and Phoebe doesn’t understand why everyone is so upset. Her mother had cut out all the sad movie endings of her childhood, and she is shocked when the dog dies.

Okay, what kind of sick doggie snuff film is this?!

Phoebe Buffay

Joey and Chandler take Monicas boyfriend, Richard, to a Mets game, and they end up loving him. Chandler starts growing a mustache and Joey admires himself with a cigar in his mouth, trying to be more like Richard.

Phoebe continues to struggle through lots of movies with sad endings that her mom hid from her.

#1: The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy

Season 3 Episode 1

Monica struggles through her breakup with Richard, while Joey suffers through Chandler’s relationship with Janice.

Ross admits to a certain Princess Leia Fantasy and everyone finds out. While on the topic, Chandler admits an embarrassing secret, that he sometimes pictures his mom during sex. After they both get made fun of, Rachel decides to play out Ross’ fantasy.

Then we get to see Jennifer Aniston in THE gold bikini, so enough said.

Ross ruins the fun by only being able to picture his mother in that tiny gold bikini and its safe to say, his fantasy is ruined.

Thanks for reading my top 10 favorite friends episodes of all time!

to see my other blog posts, click HERE!


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Periwinkle Purple Summer Nails… Plus A Nail Salon Secret Discount!

Like most women, getting my nails done makes me feel cute and confident! Its a great way to relax, and treat myself every two weeks. Self care is key to confidence! Looking down and seeing my nails sparkle, instantly puts a smile on my face. Life is more fun with a little color!

I can be kind of picky about my nails. By a little, I mean super super picky. If I’m going to spend $100 a month on my nails, they have to be gorgeous damn it! I’m not prissy, I’m piratical.

Color choices are key

I pick my nail salons based on the amount of color choices they have. Nicer salons typically have more variety of colors to choose from, and get new ones for each season! I found my nail salon on yelp. After much digging, I picked this one because of their customer reviews (and photos) are AMAZING! Every design and example looked like all the nails I see, and pin on Pinterest!

I meant to take a picture of all the color choices, and I forgot. Oops. Don’t worry, I will be back in two weeks to get my nails done and I’ll add one here(:

I have never seen this at a nail salon… matching nexgen and nail polish colors!!

There is an overwhelming amount of colors of Nexgen (dip nails) to choose from, and its the hardest choice to make; This helped me narrow down my choices in no time. They had a whole wall of nail polish colors to choose from, for my pedicure, and lots of them had numbers for a matching Nexgen color! I have never seen a nail salon that does this! I am mind blown at how awesome it was! Obviously, I had to get them matching, so I got a periwinkle purple blue color that I’m OBSESSED with!

shh… nail salon secret discounts coming up

Click below to see my favorite nail salon on Yelp!

Venice Nails has recently become my favorite spot to get my nails done. Like I said, I’m picky. This place is the best, no lie.

Venice Nails | Nail Salon

Kimi did my gorgeous coffin shaped nails! She was so sweet and GREAT at Nexgen nails, she even suggested the coffin shape because it would look amazing with this color… she was right! Hannah did my pedicure and my toes turned out perfect! The colors matched flawlessly, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

Check in on Yelp when you go… here’s why!

It’s my favorite secret discount for nail salons.

If you check in on Yelp, they give you 20% off your entire bill! In nail salon terms, that’s a lot (splurge for the cute designs, it’s worth it)!

I got all my services for 20% off, just by checking in. It only took me a few seconds to get a great deal.

Keep up with all my discount codes and tips by checking out my other blog posts HERE!!


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Boho Summer Dresses Under $30!!

Boho Chic is taking over my summer

Online shopping is one of my favorite hobbies. I spend lots of my free-time searching for the cutest, and most affordable, fashion trends of the summer! Believe it or not, I get tons of my stuff from Amazon! They have awesome clothing, accessories and shoes, and I am NEVER disappointed!

I have been browsing, and buying, lots of dresses to wear this summer, and I thought I could share a few of my top picks! I’m all about being comfy while dressing cute, and sundresses are the BEST solution (Not wearing pants is the shit, come on)!

In no particular order, here are these amazing boho dresses I will be wearing this summer! As always, click any picture to shop these boho dresses!

Everyone is raving about these dresses!

All of these dresses have great reviews on Amazon Prime Fashion! I’m all about reading other peoples reviews. People who take the time to review products on amazon (or anywhere) are the opinions I want to read! Part of the reason I find great clothes on Amazon, is because I read the reviews, and these dresses made the cut! heres some of the reviews that made me fall in love with these trendy dresses!

See for yourself!

Faux wrap waist with a removable belt,such a flattering cut for Spring and Summer. Wrap front flare maxi dress perfect for every body type. Perfect match with your necklace,high heels or sandal, which make you more feminine and charming!

The flowy hem fluttering gently as you moving, perfectly show your body figure and make you look gorgeous

This maxi dress is flowy and flattering, high waist and front slit show skinny, long legs, feminine curves, material is super soft for a summer day

This is a very sexy and playful dress. Made of lightweight and flowing material, it is a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

It is long enough to not wear anything underneath, but short enough to still be cool, playful, and flirty

I can see how some buyers think it is too big, but that is the style of the dress… loose and boho… I love this dress, it is the EXACT same as the Free People 100 Degree Dress

Update, I bought 2 other prints since I loved it so much the first one. Again, aaaaaaamazing beautiful!

This easy-to-wear piece speaks for itself, style it simply with tan slides for a beach picnic or dress it up for your next event with simple heels and statement jewels.

Absolutely in love with this dress!

I really love that is comfortable and chic. Is the perfect option for a hot summer day!

My new favorite dress, definitely ordering more!

It’s simple but elegant and classic, always makes you cute and very feminine.

I really like this dress. It fit true to size. Very nice quality and beautiful color and very light weight for the summer!

I will be wearing this dress often. You can dress it up or down.

I love this dress. As always I’m skeptical with amazon buys. But this dress exceeded my expectations!

love this dress! The material is this thin light breezy material & it fit super nicely!

I Love Sharing My fashion finds

Since I spend so much time online shopping and scrolling through Pinterest, I decided to share all my favorite finds with my readers! Amazon Prime Fashion used to be my little secret! I love to order clothes from Amazon, because its so underrated. Not only is it super affordable (especially someone with my shopping problem), but it comes right to my door in just two days!

check out my other blog posts!

If you like this post on boho chic dresses for the summer, you’ll love my other blog posts! Check out ALL my summer shopping guides HERE!


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XOmandysue, I Love You!

As catchy as that sounds, its 100% true! XOmandysue is my absolute, hands down, my favorite place to online shop!! With the cutest clothes all year round, and prices that keep me coming back, this boutique is my go-to online fashion retailer!

Lindsay, owner and operator of Xomandysue, is a true California Barbie that put her mind on a mission to share her adorable, yet affordable boho style! Operating out of Newport Beach with her husband, this power couple runs just as powerful of a business.

Check out some of XOmandysue’s newest arrivals!

Click to shop any of my favorites from XOmandysue, and use my discount code KELSEYLYN for 35% off your entire order

White Sands Dress
Back to Basic Shorts
Amber Skirt
Gypsy Girl Dress

Get 35% off your entire order when you use the discount code KELSEYLYN

XOmandysue gives amazing discounts all the time! You get FREE shipping for any order over $75, and 20% off for first time shoppers! If you enter your email and subscribe, you can get exclusive deals right in your inbox! You can also use my EXCLUSIVE discount code and get 35% off anytime using my code KELSEYLYN

Rae Jacket
Market Top
Cheery Set in Blue
Camo Bodysuit

Check out these hot trends perfect for this summer!

Nostalgia Romper
Beachside Romper
Sarah Romper
Lemon Lush Dress

XOmandysue’s brand new swimsuit line!

Look no further for the perfect swimsuit. High-waisted, off the shoulders, one pieces, and classic adorable bikinis, this collection has it all! I always have a hard time buying swimsuits online, because I need a different size top and bottom. XOmandysue solves all my issues in the swimwear department because you buy each piece individually!! As soon as they started selling them this season, I was instantly hooked! My favorite store now carries my new favorite swimsuits!

Simply click any swimsuit to shop, and use my discount code KELSEYLYN for 35% off your entire order!

Huntington Bikini
La Jolla Bikini
Zuma Bikini
Laguna Bikini
Pacific One Piece
San Clemente Bikini
Huntington Bikini
La Jolla Bikini
Zuma Bikini
Laguna Bikini
Pacific One Piece
San Clemente Bikini

Talk about accessories!

Along with a fabulous sense of style, Lindsay also has gorgeous hair, and uses it to show off her accessories! She has the kind of hair that girls on Pinterest dream about! I can’t get enough of these hair scarfs. I use them to dress up a simple outfit and make a statement piece out of my greasy, french braided hair. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you!

Daisy Scarf
Sunset Hair Scarf
Chloe Scarf
Hannah Scarf

Other accessories!

Nala Clutch
Everleigh Hat In Black
Conrad Backpack
Indy Hat

Use my code KELSEYLYN for 35% off your ENTIRE order!

Join the ambassador program!

This online boutique gives every girl the chance to feel confident and look great doing it! When you promote for XOmandysue, they reward you with the best discounts on my favorite clothes! Click here to read more about it!


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What’s In My Pool Bag?

One of my favorite things to do in the summer, when the Dallas heat is just too much, is to lay by the pool and catch some rays with a good book. Over the many summers of poolsides and tan lines, I have put together a list of all my summer day essentials that I carry in my pool bag!

Beat the summer heat with all my pool bag essentials!

I have perfected the art of what-to-bring-to-the-pool and I thought I could share some of my secrets. I spend countless days laying by the pool and these are the things I ALWAYS bring with me!

Canvas pool/beach bag

This is my pick for a pool or beach bag from Amazon Prime! I love my pool bag because it matches everything! (It’s even cute enough to double as a purse) It’s also big enough to hold towels, sunscreen, a book, and all the other essentials you need!

Moreover, it has 2 pockets on the outside and 3 pockets on the inside, one of which is zippered too. The top of the bag features a secure zipper that will keep all your belongings safe and in place

Tory Burch flip flops

I am obsessed with these flip flops! Tory Burch is one of my favorite brands because It makes me feel cute and classy! Although the brand can be pricey, these flip flops are actually very affordable! They last forever and come in tons of great patterns to match any outfit! You get what you pay for in these flip-flops, just make sure not to leave them at the pool(;


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