Holiday Gift Guide For All Things Self Care

It’s never too early to start celebrating the holiday season, especially when it comes to shopping! Arbonne launched its 2019 holiday collection, and everyone is going nuts for these new products! To share all this Christmas cheer, I put together a gift guide with all the holiday products that made it on my wish list this year.

Arbonne’s Limited Edition 2019 Holiday Collection

All of the products on this gift guide are part of a limited edition collection that you can only get while supplies last!! Celebrate the holiday season with special Edition Arbonne products you can only get NOW!

Once these items sell out, they are gone and I want to get them in your hands before you miss out. No one like FOMO.

Cherish these gifts and fill each day with more love, more peace, more joy.

The more the merrier!


Perfect Gifts For Any Occasion

My gift guide will have you set for the holidays! From stocking stuffers, secret Santa, or even cute gifts for your besties, no matter the occasion, Arbonne’s holiday collection has you covered!

I personally can’t wait to give these out to all of my friends! It makes it so special and unique to give a gift that they can’t get anywhere else.

This holiday collection will sell out fast

These products are all limited edition and WILL sell out before Christmas! You don’t want to miss out on these yearly snags, and you don’t want to wait around until next year to get them!

Stock up on your Christmas gifts early! You don’t want to be that person that has to run to the store on Christmas Eve and scramble to find everyone their gifts.

Let’s break down this Gift Guide

You can get all your holiday goodies without breaking the bank. What a Christmas miracle!

This way, you can get gifts for all your friends and family without leaving anyone out, or running up your credit card.

Gifts under $20

Shopping is too easy when you find all these amazing gifts for under $20! You might just have to treat yourself to these products too!

Prices at PC cost

Vanilla Hand Lotion: $12.00

Speak Volumes Mascara: $12.80

Holiday Travel Bag: $5.00

Spearmint Lip Salve: $12.80

Rescue & Renew Pink Clay Massage Soap Bar: $14.40

Rescue & Renew Detox Face Mask: $12.80

Gifts under $35

All of these are perfect for secret Santa, Christmas party or gift exchange, all on a budget you’ll love!

Prices at PC cost

Pampermint Foot Care Gift Set: $33.60

Hand Lotion Trio: $32.00

Jasmine Vanilla Gift Set: $20.80

30 Days of Holiday Tea Tin: $24.00

Mulled Cider Candle: $32.00

Gifts under $50

These are presents at the perfect price point to gift to anyone or any occasion!

Prices at PC cost

Comet Beauty Gift Set: $49.60

Mulled Cider Hand Care Duo: $45.60

Body Butter Trio: $36.00

Rescue & Renew Skin Invigorating Body Set: $46.40

Merry Man Gift Set: $44.80

Lunar Beauty Gift Set: $49.60

Rescue & Renew Clarity Facial Set: $46.40

Arbonne Kids Cookie Hair & Body Wash Trio: $36.00

Gifts under $100

If you want a little bit of everything, we can do that too!

Deck The Halls Minis Set

“The minier the merrier! Enjoy a sampling of the holiday collection with this set of 8 cheerful minis including our Coconut Body Butter, Rose Body Butter, Vanilla Body Butter, Jasmine Vanilla Cleansing Body Polish (2 oz. each), Jasmine Vanilla Body Lotion, Sugar Cookie Hair & Body Wash, Snickerdoodle Hair & Body Wash, and Gingerbread Hair & Body Wash (2 fl. oz. each).”

Prices at PC cost

Deck The Halls Minis Set: $56.00

inspired by the merry moments that bring us together with loved ones and fill our lives with joy and wonder.


Did I mention, Free PC Signups The Entire Month of November

Arbonne is the gift that keeps on giving!!

For this month only, you can get all your Christmas gifts in one place, and keep your preferred client discount all year long (with a qualifying order)!

Being a preferred client means you get 20-40% off any product anytime for an entire year!

Free Signups Are The Best Deal To Go With This Holiday Collection

Did you get that? I’ll say it again.

Free signups all month long!

Keep your PC status for an entire year!

Here’s How To Get Your Hands On These Limited Edition Holiday Products

I know you can’t wait to give the gift of Arbonne to all of your friends and family, so here it is.

First, talk to your Arbonne Independent Consultant (ME!)

First things first, you need a consultant to sign you up, and I got you covered!

You can order straight from my Arbonne website, or send me an email at so we can walk through the entire process together! I’m here to help you and encourage you through the entire program, and taking you through the whole thing, one step at a time.

I love Arbonne, and I especially love sharing it with all of you!!

Want to know more about the Holiday Collection, becoming a PC, or all the other wonderful products Arbonne has to offer? THEN LETS TALK!!

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