Wine and Waterford

Hey guys!

As I write more and more blog posts, I feel like I should share some personal info about myself. So here it is…

I LOVE Wine!

White and Rose wines are my drink of choice. I drink a glass (or three) of wine every time I write a blog post! Yes, I might be a little tipsy while writing this… but hey, its research!

There is so much to know and learn about wine, that I just don’t have time for, so I’m gonna break it down simple for yah (or for myself, not really sure).

I have always had a sweet tooth, so naturally I’m more drawn to sweeter, less bitter wines. I became a wine drinker when I turned 21, and I figured sweet wine was a good, safe place for me to to start.

Here’s some pretty pictures of the gorgeous rose I’m Drinking!

Rose All Day

I tend to be drawn towards Rose because it’s just so pink and pretty. Don’t make fun of me, I can’t help that I love pink, ok. The only problem is, they aren’t always as sweet as I like.

This JNSQ rose wine was just as amazing as it’s bottle (and marketing team). It is a more dry rose than I normally like, but I was honestly surprised at how much I liked it.

I would tell you more about what I thought, but at then end of the day, I would 100% pay $25 to drink it again.

It took me longer to drink since I wasn’t used to more dry wine, but if I’m going to drink this whole thing, I should at least try to pace myself.

They sell JNSQ Rose everywhere!

Look, I am all about convenience. They sell this wine at TONS of stores; Target, Market Street, Total Wine, and that’s just in a 5 min drive from my house!

This Wine Glass is just at gorgeous!!

Ok ok, I might be a little boujee. Waterford Crystal has the MOST wonderful hand cut crystal in tons of cut patterns! I love it. It is pricey, I am well aware… but it is also a timeless classic that will last forever!

I may just be 21, but I swear… one of these days, all the housewives will be jealous of the Waterford collection that I started when I was young.

It’s not my fault I swear! This crazy love for some nice wine glasses (and such) that are super expensive, is all because of my boyfriend.

When we first started dating, I though he was CRAZY for spending that kind of money on some glasses. Now, I still know, and realize, that it’s COMPLETELY crazy; The only difference in the now, is that I feel like a boss bitch when I drink out of these things!

Judge all you want, but Waterford Crystal is the shit.

In case you were wondering, this glass pattern is Eastbridge (Yeah you know you’re going to click on it, just to see how much I pay for these dumb things).


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