XOmandysue, I Love You!

As catchy as that sounds, its 100% true! XOmandysue is my absolute, hands down, my favorite place to online shop!! With the cutest clothes all year round, and prices that keep me coming back, this boutique is my go-to online fashion retailer!

Lindsay, owner and operator of Xomandysue, is a true California Barbie that put her mind on a mission to share her adorable, yet affordable boho style! Operating out of Newport Beach with her husband, this power couple runs just as powerful of a business.

Check out some of XOmandysue’s newest arrivals!

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White Sands Dress
Back to Basic Shorts
Amber Skirt
Gypsy Girl Dress

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Rae Jacket
Market Top
Cheery Set in Blue
Camo Bodysuit

Check out these hot trends perfect for this summer!

Nostalgia Romper
Beachside Romper
Sarah Romper
Lemon Lush Dress

XOmandysue’s brand new swimsuit line!

Look no further for the perfect swimsuit. High-waisted, off the shoulders, one pieces, and classic adorable bikinis, this collection has it all! I always have a hard time buying swimsuits online, because I need a different size top and bottom. XOmandysue solves all my issues in the swimwear department because you buy each piece individually!! As soon as they started selling them this season, I was instantly hooked! My favorite store now carries my new favorite swimsuits!

Simply click any swimsuit to shop, and use my discount code KELSEYLYN for 35% off your entire order!

Huntington Bikini
La Jolla Bikini
Zuma Bikini
Laguna Bikini
Pacific One Piece
San Clemente Bikini
Huntington Bikini
La Jolla Bikini
Zuma Bikini
Laguna Bikini
Pacific One Piece
San Clemente Bikini

Talk about accessories!

Along with a fabulous sense of style, Lindsay also has gorgeous hair, and uses it to show off her accessories! She has the kind of hair that girls on Pinterest dream about! I can’t get enough of these hair scarfs. I use them to dress up a simple outfit and make a statement piece out of my greasy, french braided hair. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you!

Daisy Scarf
Sunset Hair Scarf
Chloe Scarf
Hannah Scarf

Other accessories!

Nala Clutch
Everleigh Hat In Black
Conrad Backpack
Indy Hat

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