What’s In My Pool Bag?

One of my favorite things to do in the summer, when the Dallas heat is just too much, is to lay by the pool and catch some rays with a good book. Over the many summers of poolsides and tan lines, I have put together a list of all my summer day essentials that I carry in my pool bag!

Beat the summer heat with all my pool bag essentials!

I have perfected the art of what-to-bring-to-the-pool and I thought I could share some of my secrets. I spend countless days laying by the pool and these are the things I ALWAYS bring with me!

Canvas pool/beach bag

This is my pick for a pool or beach bag from Amazon Prime! I love my pool bag because it matches everything! (It’s even cute enough to double as a purse) It’s also big enough to hold towels, sunscreen, a book, and all the other essentials you need!

Moreover, it has 2 pockets on the outside and 3 pockets on the inside, one of which is zippered too. The top of the bag features a secure zipper that will keep all your belongings safe and in place

Tory Burch flip flops

I am obsessed with these flip flops! Tory Burch is one of my favorite brands because It makes me feel cute and classy! Although the brand can be pricey, these flip flops are actually very affordable! They last forever and come in tons of great patterns to match any outfit! You get what you pay for in these flip-flops, just make sure not to leave them at the pool(;


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